Major Projects

The Initial Commit

_theInitialCommit is meant to be a medium for the personal stories of open source developers.

Minor Projects

Doomsday Machine

Doomsday Machine is a tool for backing up cloud services to a local machine.


This is a Node.JS implementation of the grammar verification Bash scripts by Matt Might. Taking his work a bit further, this implementation installs as a global binary, allows for future expansion of modules, and outputs the found errors in various ways that best suit the user.

Backup Tool

I wasn't impressed with the open-source Glacier backup tools out there, so I'm implementing my tool own in Node.js along with a Mac status bar application.


Yet another feedback prompt. This one directs users to submit email feedback or write a review.


This jQuery plugin helps you build single-scroll pages with complex scroll-based animations. Performance focused and mobile ready.

Text List to NSArray

This is a small Mac OS X app that converts a directory of text files to a directory of serialized NSArray XML files.

Jekyll AddThis

This simple Jekyll plugin generates links to AddThis' sharing endpoint service.

Archive Projects

  • One Metric - One Metric is a content performance analytics tool developed by John Jones at Adfero and based on Moz’s One Content Metric to Rule Them All blog post by Trevor Klein. Whereas Klein uses a Google Spreadsheet to perform the calculation, we’re using a Node.js application to automate the entire process.
  • Chef's Hat - Chef's Hat is a tool for saving your favorite recipes on the web. I love to cook, and I love to find new recipes online. However, I thought there was not an easy way to save my found recipes in a way that made them easy to use again later.
  • Nightly - This is a sort of CI/Nightly build engine written in PHP.
  • Thoughts - Thoughts let's you quickly record ideas using a simple and fast Markdown formatter.
  • Endless Wordsearch - You’ve found the best word search game on the app store!
  • GoFour - Play the classic game of getting four dots in a row on the game board!
  • WearWhat - It's hard getting dressed in the morning without knowing the weather.
  • TruckToMe - TruckToMe follows the Twitter handles of over 100 Washington DC-area food trucks and provides users with a quick way to find their favorite trucks.
  • Retro Paint - Remember playing around with all of the paint programs on your first computer?
  • SiteMapper - Building a visualization of a site's content is normally a very manual task.
  • Classic100 - This app is meant to be an educational tool for learning about the fundamentals of computer architecture.
  • Stellar - Stellar is a straightforward App for constellation spotting.
  • DinoDOS - For my operating systems concepts class in 2010, my project team and I created DinoDOS, a simple command-line based 16 bit operating system.
  • Route Finding Algorithms - In my senior year at Dickinson College, I researched and implemented several shortest-path finding algorithms.
  • Submarine Hunter - For my concurrent programming class in 2009, I created Submarine Hunter, a networked, multiplayer game where players search and destroy opponent submarines.