Major Projects

The Initial Commit

_theInitialCommit is meant to be a medium for the personal stories of open source developers.

Chef's Hat

Chef's Hat is a tool for saving your favorite recipes on the web. I love to cook, and I love to find new recipes online. However, I thought there was not an easy way to save my found recipes in a way that made them easy to use again later.

Minor Projects

Doomsday Machine

Doomsday Machine is a tool for backing up cloud services to a local machine.


This is a Node.JS implementation of the grammar verification Bash scripts by Matt Might. Taking his work a bit further, this implementation installs as a global binary, allows for future expansion of modules, and outputs the found errors in various ways that best suit the user.

Backup Tool

I wasn't impressed with the open-source Glacier backup tools out there, so I'm implementing my tool own in Node.js along with a Mac status bar application.

One Metric

One Metric is a content performance analytics tool developed by John Jones at Adfero and based on Moz’s One Content Metric to Rule Them All blog post by Trevor Klein. Whereas Klein uses a Google Spreadsheet to perform the calculation, we’re using a Node.js application to automate the entire process.


This jQuery plugin helps you build single-scroll pages with complex scroll-based animations. Performance focused and mobile ready.


This jQuery plugin helps you build single-scroll pages with complex scroll-based animations. Performance focused and mobile ready.


Thoughts let's you quickly record ideas using a simple and fast Markdown formatter.

Text List to NSArray

This is a small Mac OS X app that converts a directory of text files to a directory of serialized NSArray XML files.

Jekyll AddThis

This simple Jekyll plugin generates links to AddThis' sharing endpoint service.

Endless Wordsearch

You’ve found the best word search game on the app store!


Play the classic game of getting four dots in a row on the game board!


It's hard getting dressed in the morning without knowing the weather.


TruckToMe follows the Twitter handles of over 100 Washington DC-area food trucks and provides users with a quick way to find their favorite trucks.

Retro Paint

Remember playing around with all of the paint programs on your first computer?


This app is meant to be an educational tool for learning about the fundamentals of computer architecture.


Stellar is a straightforward App for constellation spotting.

Archive Projects

  • Nightly - This is a sort of CI/Nightly build engine written in PHP.
  • SiteMapper - Building a visualization of a site's content is normally a very manual task.
  • DinoDOS - For my operating systems concepts class in 2010, my project team and I created DinoDOS, a simple command-line based 16 bit operating system.
  • Route Finding Algorithms - In my senior year at Dickinson College, I researched and implemented several shortest-path finding algorithms.
  • Submarine Hunter - For my concurrent programming class in 2009, I created Submarine Hunter, a networked, multiplayer game where players search and destroy opponent submarines.