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About Me

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and technology, my career has been marked by a dedication to making meaningful contributions. My passion for software development has always driven me to set high standards, both for my teams and myself. I've had the privilege of working in various roles, from architect to team leader, and I've always strived to stay closely connected to the core of the work.

My experiences have led to some media recognition, with my insights appearing in publications such as Tom's Hardware, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Lifehacker, and IOT Weekly. I've also had the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences at well-respected tech events, including All Things Open, SXSW, and GitHub Universe.

In my current role as a Senior Software Engineering Manager at Capital One, I'm responsible for overseeing the development of a patented 2nd-factor identity technology. This technology aims to provide a reliable and privacy-focused identity management solution for partner card issuers and merchants. Collaboration is central to my work, as I work extensively with various internal teams and external partners. While at Capital One, I also spent three years with the Lab leading various early-stage experiments to prove feasibility and explore opportunity spaces in the future of banking.

Beyond my corporate roles, I served as the Vice President Of Technology at the Case Foundation. During this time, I forged a strong open-source partnership with GitHub, resulting in a joint report on the state of open source in the nonprofit ecosystem. I also had the opportunity to publish articles and speak at tech and nonprofit conferences, contributing to discussions on open source. I led multiple builds and production support efforts, collaborating with vendors and staff to support foundation programmatic initiatives.

My journey began as an Engineer at Adfero, where I gradually advanced to the role of Director of Engineering. In this capacity, I oversaw the development and production support of numerous websites and platforms for a diverse client base. These projects encompassed a variety of technologies, including the LAMP stack, Node, Python, and Java. Notable clients included Axios, Politico, Ballmer Foundation, Microsoft, AT&T, and the American Medical Association. I also led large-scale Government contracts, such as the DHS international student portal and the Veterans' Affairs career development portal, handling high traffic volumes and signups.

I completed my education at Dickinson College, earning a degree in Computer Science in 2011.

I invite you to explore the links provided and embedded media for a deeper understanding of my work and contributions.


Media / Speaking

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