On Air

In the summer of 2020, I designed and built a custom telemetry module for a model rocket and then successfully launched it. After posting about it, the awesome team at Tom's Hardware had me on as a guest on their program Pi Cast.

On Stage

While at the Case Foundation, I built out an open source program that included open sourcing and promoting the foundation's code, authoring content such as one which ran in the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled Open Source is Philanthropy, speaking at conferences such as GitHub Universe, All Things Open, and Good Tech Fest, and, in 2019, co-funding a research project in partnership with GitHub to examine the barriers preventing nonprofits from better using and sharing open source software.

In Words

Capturing Model Rocket Telemetry Using a Raspberry Pi Zero (Part 2)

Written by someone who has watched "Apollo 13" more times than he'd like to admit.

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Open Source Will Define This Era as A Modern Renaissance


A hallmark of the Renaissance that mirrors today is a culture of sharing, and we see that in both times, innovators benefited from spaces and mediums to explore, share, and build upon each other.

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4 Ways to Volunteer this Holiday Season


Looking to spread some holiday cheer? Donate your talents to open source organizations that help communities in need.

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In Code

White Vest

White Vest is a project for collecting, logging, emitting, and visualizing telemetry from a model rocket containing an inboard Raspberry Pi Zero with another Raspberry Pi receiving telemetry.



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