Ideation: Feedly, TweetDeck, and Pocket

I’m constantly following the day’s news on both TweetDeck where I have lists setup for world and national news, local news, industry news, and others and on Feedly where I’m following numerous news, industry, and culture feeds. When I find an article I want to save for later, I clip it using Pocket.

Writing: Evernote and Moeditor

I’ll use Evernote to track article ideas and notes and Moeditor to compose posts. I write most of my posts on this site in the formatting markup Markdown.

The Site: Atom, Jekyll and S3

This is a Jekyll site hosted by Amazon S3. The site’s theme is a combination of Start Bootstrap’s “Clean Blog” theme and my own minor tweaks. I do all of my coding in Atom. In addition, I use the projects GitHub-jQuery-Repo-Widget by Joel Sutherland and gist-embed by Blair Vanderhoof to power the GitHub widgets you see throughout the site.