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New Project: _theInitialCommit

Virtually all developers rely on open source software as part of their daily lives. It powers everything from development environments to servers and everything in between. Even non-developers, while rarely realizing it, use open software because it powers much of the web and app ecosystems.

With the challenges both developers of the most prominent projects have in maintaining their projects and developers of new projects have in reaching a critical mass of users, I wanted to create a site that showcases some of the most notable members of the open source community as well as the community’s unsung heroes – of which there are many.

This blog is meant to be a medium for those stories. Each published interview will feature multiple aspects of the individual: everything from his or her backgrounds, to why he or she got into development, to why he or she decided to become a contributor to the open source community.

The objective of this series is to show the pride and commitment these individuals have in the work they do, and that their work is meant for the good of the community.

If you are an open source contributor and would like to be interviewed, let me know using the contact information below, or reach out or sign up if you are interested in just getting involved!