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New Drupal Modules: Mobile Preview and Social Media Links

I've been a Drupal site developer for a number of years, and I've always enjoyed the quality and robustness of the Drupal contributed module community. For those of you not familiar with this, Drupal as an open source platform relies on the contributions of third-party modules, called contrib modules, to bring it the agility and feature-richness it is know for. Given the experiences I've acquired on projects such as MyCareer@VA and a personal commitment to contribute more open source software, I decided to release two modules I created to the Drupal community.

Mobile Preview #

Mobile Preview gives content editors an easy way to preview their work on a mobile device while publishing content. The preview area is sized to match the pixel dimensions of an iPhone 6.

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This module adds a formatter for Link fields that sets a class in the link based on what social media site is in the link. (i.e. a link to a Facebook page will receive the class "facebook".) It can be used in theming when you need to replace a set of social media links with their respective icons.

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